Adoption Stories


Molly (formerly Polly)

All of our animals have been rescued and we have never been disappointed. They all seem to have a few “issues”, but that only makes them more lovable and deserving of a good home.

We saw “Molly” (formerly Polly) at a local pet store during a SGRR event in April 2009. We connected on some level and we started the process to adopt her. With our rescues there is an expected adjustment period but Molly broke the speed record in settling into our family. On the first night, she went to bed in her crate in our bedroom with the crate door left open. The next night she was on the bed and now she can be quite the bed hog. We used the crate for three days while we were not at home and she tore up everything we put in there except the chew toys. It didn’t matter if we were gone 30 minutes or three hours — she was not happy in the crate. She has since proven to us that she can be responsible and is quite content to lay by the door and wait for us to return.

There have been only a few dominance issues with our older chocolate Lab and our cat, but we are currently working on that. We need to find her a “job” and haven’t quite figured out what that task will be. Laydee gets the paper and the mail everyday. Molly cheerfully trots along side but will not carry anything back to the house — yet she expects her reward. We have never had a dog who liked to walk for the sake of exercise. Molly doesn’t stop and sniff, or do any business — just keep on walking! I have already lost five pounds.

I didn’t know a dog could shed so much hair! If Molly sees me approaching the drawer where the grooming supplies are stored, she gets very excited and can’t wait to flop down at my feet and get brushed. I could make a sizable pillow with all that hair.

We want to thank the SGRR organization for their tireless labor in matching dogs in need with good “forever” homes. It was a long and detailed adoption process but well worth the effort. A true labor of love.


Kevin and Jackie



Our son saw the ad placed by Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue in the TULSA WORLD back in March. He immediately fell in love with a dog named Ben. We contacted SGRR. We were so excited to meet Ben when he came for his first visit, and he was excited to meet new people. We made sure our home was dog-friendly, and Ben came to live with us in April. He has been a true joy. I think he loves and cares for us as much as we love and care for him. He loves to go for walks every day, if possible. If there is not time for a walk, he enjoys running errands with us in the car. He interacts with other dogs very well. We wondered how he would relate to our cat. Actually they get along very well. Ben is a sweet, caring dog who loves to be with us wherever we are.


Wheaten # 1234 Now Finn

Hi everyone! Here’s Finn. He’s friendly, happy, calm and easy-going… and I’m sure I’ll be able to add more adjectives as I get to know him better. After driving long hours with 2 volunteers, he got in my van & checked out all the smells & crumbs (dog hair, kid slime, Cheerios, Goldfish…). Within a few minutes, he hopped up in Naia’s favorite spot and watched out the window. When we got home, Finn met Naia with the help of friends. Of course, it was no big deal. They did their sniffing thing & that was that. He met the neighbor’s & was so happy & calm. He fit right in to our busy, social dog lives! He especially loved the kids & pulled to follow them when they walked out of his reach. He never jumped or licked or anything! After socializing for a while, I took him & Naia home. He checked out the house and some of Naia’s stuffed toys. They had no issues, except that they both can’t drink water at the same time… their heads are too big! They are both now sleeping while I type. Everyone who met him today commented on how well-behaved he was, how good, how social and … ‘How could anyone give him up?’ And to think that he was driven though 3 states today with 3 strangers & was still so good. I owe such a big thank you to the volunteers who gave up their Sunday, & their gas money, to help him get to me!


Brinkley #1088 now Murphy

Well, we don’t like Brinkley. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!! I can not believe someone let him slip through their fingers! Truly, he was meant for us. He is an absolute lover. We are just amazed at him. We are still waiting to hear him bark-not sure if he even has one! We have gone shopping with him and when we ran into other dogs, he was very interested but that was it, no sign of pulling, growling, anything.

My parents came over to meet him and he couldn’t have been happier to see them. He leaned right up against them to introduce himself. Only challenge so far: he loves stuffed animals in his mouth and our two girls love stuffed animals. The best thing was as soon as Brinkley came home and put a stuffed animal in his mouth, they ran straight up to their rooms and cleaned them, without us saying a word!

We started obedience classes Wednesday and we are already sure he will be moved into the gifted and talented class. Thanks you SGRR for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives! We will make sure to give you many updates in the future!


Preston #1110

We adopted Preston last month (April of 2007), and he is the best dog! We just love him!!! He has already taken on many nick names, some of which include Presto-Change-O, Prestonian, The Pres, and The Leaning Tower of Preston (he is a leaner!). He brings joy to our lives every day. Preston loves going on long walks, playing with his toys and socializing with anyone that will pet him. Pres is already house broken, and knows how to sit and roll over! He will begin obedience training in a few weeks, so he can learn some new tricks and maybe move on to some agility classes afterwards. He is so affectionate and just wants to be wherever Jason and I are. He also enjoys visits from his grandparents – “Grandma and Grandpa”, Nana and Papa. Preston’s “uncle” especially spoils him with treats and wrestles around with him. Thank you, SGRR (especially Pam and Bill!) for helping us to bring a new addition into our family. We tell everyone we know about how we got our Golden Boy. We love Preston!!



Zeke #1017

I wanted to let everyone know about Zeke. He was adopted in July 2006. He is such a sweet dog and his best friend is our German Shepherd, Macey. We don’t know how anyone could have given him up. He is potty trained, crate trained and will be starting his first obedience class next week. Our hopes are that he will pass his classes and tests to become a certified visiting therapy dog. He is very lovable and is always carrying around one of his red kong toys. He has recently been allowed to sleep outside of his kennel at night without any problems. His other favorite place to hang out is the black bean bag chair in the living room. We learned soon after adopting Zeke that he has hip dysplasia from probably being run over when he was running free. He has medication and only takes it every couple of months. We love him lots and are thankful for the help of SGRR and their volunteers. He is an awesome addition to our family!!!

Greg and Brooke


Nick #1074

Finally some pictures to share of our new baby Nicky! He is a great dog! The last photo is of the whole family – me, my daughter Camryn, my son Andrew and of course, Nicky! He loves playing out in the snow with my son and he has a bed right next to mine in my bedroom that has become his “safe” spot. I bought a leash but he doesn’t seem to care for it much. We have to work on our walking on the leash skills. He has the run of the house, except that he will not go down in the basement and he will not go into areas where there is not a lot of space, such as bathrooms or hallways. He clearly does not like small spaces. Fortunately my house is very open and bright and that seems to work best for him. He is doing some marking on an area rug in my living room, but I am working with a trainer on that issue. Other than that, Nicky is the best dog ever! For his age, he is extremely calm. It almost makes me think he could be older than the 2 or 3 that he is thought to be.

Joy J


Katie #736

We adopted Katie a little over 2 years ago. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy her. She has brought so much joy to my family. Everyday I’m thankful to have her and can’t believe we found such a sweet loving girl. She came to us fully housebroken and has complete run of the house. Her favorite spot when we are not home is my bed! She enjoys car rides and loves to travel with us in our RV. She’s extremely afraid of thunderstorms and jumps right in bed along with my daughters! Thank you for much for bringing her to us. We are forever grateful.


Jaxson #912 (Lucky)

We can’t tell you how happy we are to have Jaxson in our lives! We have such a hard time understanding how he could’ve gone for a month and a half without being adopted (OR – how he was homeless in the first place!) He must have been meant for us. Jaxson is the biggest sweetheart and such a joy to come home to every day after work. He adapted to our home very quickly and after being crated initially for just a short time, Jaxson assured us that we could leave him alone in the house and that he wouldn’t chew on anything or have any accidents. He was right – he’s SUCH a good boy!!! And Jaxson is an extremely handsome guy as well! Sometimes we call him “seal face” because he will look at us with this precious face that is as cute as a baby seal. That look can make you melt…

Thanks to Angie’s help, this happy guy has found his forever home and has stolen our hearts!! Here are a couple of pictures of our sweet boy.


Jeff & Laurie


Jill #1026

Jill was just adopted in September of 2006. She came to us an unsocialized, frightened little girl but seems to be adjusting to her new family quite well. Here is what they had to say about her:

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how the introductions went…..WONDERFUL!!!!! The boys gave Jill a good sniffing, and we had a short walk together. When we came inside, Jill immediately made herself at home on the couch. More sniffing and loving and the tail actually came out from under her and started wagging! Sandy and Richard were still here and able to share the joy of that moment. Newton and Jill have really hit it off and have already started licking each other. Deker is a love with her too but being boss dog must be just a touch more dignified.

Jill is such a love and absolutely beautiful! She just loves to sit next to you and get petted, and that is exactly what she is doing right now. Have a couple pics that we need to download, and will get some to you in the next couple days. – Thank you for everything. — Paul, Liz & Anthony


Tahoe #612

Tahoe was adopted back in June 2003 and his family had this to say about him: Tahoe has not attended any obedience lessons because he has learned the commands I have taught him sooooo quickly. He sticks right by my side whether we are hiking a trail, walking through the park, or just cruising around the block. He adapted to his new home quickly and was potty trained from the get go. He is very sociable and friendly with all dogs and people he encounters. He lounges by my side while I work from my home office, occasionally rubbing up against me for some attention. I take him up to the mountains often and he LOVES playing in the snow! He is the sweetest dog. The snow is a stark contrast to his beautiful red coat and he gets many compliments as we walk around town. It seems everybody we encounter tells me “what a handsome dog” and that is always the adjective used. Thank you sooo much for helping me rescue such a wonderful dog.



Oscar, commonly referred to by his family as “The Man” because of his big size and blonde, handsome good looks, has adjusted to his forever home in grand style. Animal Control picked him up after being on his own for an unknown number of weeks. Since coming to his new home, he has discovered the joys of daily walks on country roads, a large back year with lots of tree limbs that he assumes his new Mom and Dad want trimmed, grounds landscaping (one never knows where a new tree might look good), getting acquainted with his new doggie brothers and the wonders of peanut butter. He loves the sticky stuff so much that the minute he sees his bone being smeared with it in the mornings, he runs into his crate and waits. He then knows that it’s time for Mom to go to work and he settles into his crate to rest the day away watching Animal Planet……His family is so very thankful that this gentle giant has come into their lives and hearts.


Mac #453

Mac is big blonde boy around 2 years old who was picked up by Moore Animal Control running loose with Molly # 452. Mac and Molly along with Buckley #454 were retrieved from the Moore Animal Shelter after a caring shelter worker notified the rescue they had THREE goldens in jail. All three of these guys came into the program through Penn South Pet Clinic. Mac was dubbed “Smiley” by the crew there because he curls up his lips and grins at you. After short stays at Penn South, this whole group was moved to Anne’s. When a couple came out to Anne’s to look at available dogs, Mac turned on the charm. With his loving personality and charming “grin”, he soon went to his forever home with his new parents their other rescue golden Rudy #264.



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