I’m interested in ADOPTING. What is the process?

Answer: You can call the hot line at 405.749.5700 or you can e-mail us at adoptions@sgrr.org. We’ll send you an adoption application and arrange for a home visit. Once approved, we’ll set you up to meet a golden. There may be a waiting period for the golden that fits your requirements.

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How much is your adoption fee?

Answer: Our adoption fees are: Puppies (under 1 year) $275; Youth (1-8 years) $250 and Seniors (9+) $150. Our goldens are given a wellness check prior to being adopted and as such, they are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations, tested (treated if necessary) for heartworms & tick-borne disease, microchipped, started on monthly heartworm preventative.

I’m interested in FOSTERING. What are the requirements and what is the process?
Answer: Our fosters meet the same requirements as our adopters. You’ll need to provide a safe, loving home, food, water and exercise. Obedience training would help prepare him for his adoptive home but is not a requirement. All medical treatment will be provided for you.

You can call the hot line at 405.749.5700 or you can e-mail us at: adoptions@sgrr.org. We’ll start the fostering process which will include an application, phone interview and a home visit.

In fostering, how long will I have the dog? What if I decide to keep him?
Answer: This will depend on the dog. Some of the older dogs do not get adopted as quickly as the younger ones. As a foster home, you will have first choice for adopting.

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I can’t foster or adopt right now, but would like to help. What can I do?
* Help with Fundraising
* Transportation of Dogs
* Checking shelters for Goldens
* Telephone Contacts
* Editing/Mailing Newsletter
* E-mail/Website Assistance
* Bathing/Playing with Boarded Dogs

Contact the hotline at 405.749.5700 or e-mail us at adoptions@sgrr.org if you’re interested in volunteering. We can always use the help!

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